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Farma Forest cranes and trailers

FORS MW are the largest producer of  Forest Cranes & trailers in Europe. The range is branded as Farma, and has been in production since 1992. The company is Swedish owned and run, but the manufacturing takes place near Talin in Estoinia.

The Farma range is very broad and offers machinery for the occassional firewood producer through to proffessional timber  harvesting companies and operators.

As one of the main agents for Farma in the UK, Home Forestry llp, supply the full range of cranes, trailers & accesories to new and existing customers. Below is small selection of our most popular selling units. There is also a link to the manufacturers website to view the complete range 

please click on the above link to visit the FORSMW webiste

farma CT3.8-6 forwarding trailer, forwarder, trctor forwarder

Farma  6-ton lumber trailer with FARMA 3.8 m G2 crane.

The T6 is a compact, modern, lumber trailer with a strong G2 crane whose reach makes it easy to pick up timber behind and around the trailer. The model is intended as a "firewood trailer", for use during simpler forestry work. Various equipment options extend the areas of use. The C 3.8 G2 is a modern crane with linkage system for optimal movement and lifting capacity.

Farma CT6.3-9 forwarding trailer, forwarder, forwarding trailer

Farma CT 6,3.9

The FARMA T9 lumber trailer has for several years been our best selling trailer model. A very strong trailer with frame steering The frame steering means the trailer has significantly better handling in the forest. In addition, it also reduces the risk of damaging growing forest while driving.

The trailer is equipped with a removable three-point frame with telescopic support legs, making it easy to lift the crane off the trailer for installation on the tractor's three-point lift when necessary.

The trailer can be equipped with the C 5.3 G2 crane or C 6.3 G2 crane. 

Farma CT8.5-14 drive trailer, forwarder, forwarding trailer, Farma forwarder

Farma Generation 2    14 tonne 4WD drive trailer 

with optional 7m or 8.5m crane. This has proven to be one of our years best selling crane and trailer combinations, designed for the professional user. The drive works very well in both forward and reverse and enables the operator to move heavy loads over demanding terrain. The drive trailer bridges the gap between standard forwarding (drag) trailers and the larger purpose built machines. It is also able to travel at up to 40KM behind a suitable tractor, reducing haulage costs to site. We use a Farma drive trailer with 8.5m crane daily as part of our  harvesting company. The crane works very well with strong lifting capacities.


Farma Generation 1 14 4WD trailer with 8.5m crane

Farma 14 tonne Generation 1 4WD trailer climbing 25 degree slope

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