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Rabaud Kindling Machines

The Rabaud Xyloflam 200/250 is avaialable in 4 different models with power from either electric 3 phase, tractor hydraulics via 2 hoses, tractor pto with built in pump and tank kit or new Kohler 9.5 hp petrol model. 

rabaud xyloflam kindling machine, kindling, stick machine

3 phase xyloflam

Xyloflam 200/250
  • For all wood types (hard, soft, round...)

  • Max. length 20 cm (min. 16 cm) and max. diameter 25 cm.

  • Very sturdy feeding conveyor with adjustable forwarding speed (hydraulically)

  •  Cross splitting wedge with 5 Tons power

  • Adjustable width of sticks from 20 to 80 mm.

  • Very good packing thanks to the rotative bags unit (4 bags max.)

  • Stacking table now available as optional extra for uniform packakgeing

  • Possibility to use bags of 20 L or 40 L.

  • Feeding entrance 1.50m long

  • Max. productivity 2,4 m³/h = 120 bags of 20 L per hour or

  • 60 bags of 40 L per hour


Xyloflam EM Single Phase       - contact us for prices

Xyloflam ET 3 phase electric     

Xyloflam PH Tractor hydraulics

Xyloflam CH tractor PTO       - 

Xyloflam Petrol manual start

                                                 electric start

New for 2017 Xyloflam 330/ 450 kindling machine

rabaud Kindling machine, kindling, kindling machine, 3 phase kindler,
rabaud kindler, kindler machine, 3 phase kindler, electric kindling machine

For all wood species (soft and hard), squarred or round.
3 lengths for input wood  20, 25 or 33 cm and diameter maxi. 45 cm.
Crossed splitter wedge /11 ton power.
Adjustable logs section from 20 to 150 mm.
Steel forwarding conveyor, solid with hydraulic adjustment speed -

Rabaud exclusivity.
Rotary bulk bagging unit or discharge spout for piled-up bagging.
For bags capacity  20 L or 40 L.
Maximum output 4,8 m³/h = 240 bags 20 L per hour or 80 bags or 40 L per hour for bulk bagging.
Electric, heat engine or tractor pto or 2 hoses from spool

A first look at the Xyloflam 330/450 more videos to come soon
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