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Rabaud Tirmax chain winches

Rabaud produce 2 hydraulic chain winches to fit on tractor 3 point linkages. The Tirmax 4 (4 tonne) and the Tirmax 6 (6 tonne) line pull. As the chain goes through a mechanism the line pull is always a constant 4 or 6 tonne, unlike cable drum winches which loose power with more cable on the drum. Rabaud utilise a light but strong  alloy chain, much better suited to dirty and harsh conditions.

tractor winch, chain winch, hydraulic trator winch

General characteristics
Pulling force 4 tons (TIRMAX 4) or 6 tons (TIRMAX 6).
Pulling system with chain - A RABAUD exclusivity.
Advantages of a chain:
    - No problems with extreme conditions (you can drive on it, put the machine on it...)
    - No effort to pull it out
    - Possibility to wind the chain around a tree to pull from aside
    - No maintenance : no daily lubrication
    - Speed and power are always constant
    - Famous system, already used on RABAUD log splitters.
Winding and unwinding of the chain with hydraulic motor.
Mechanical brake to hold the chain even in case of breakdown.
Adaptation on front is possible.
Blade for a good penetration into the ground.
Compact machine.
2 support stands for a better stability.

can be mounted to a wide range of wheeled and tracked carriers, ie. tele handlers, robocut tracked machines, skid steer loaders

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