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Rabaud firewood processors

Rabaud produce a wide range of highly efficient Firewood processors for todays logging market. The Xylog  390 utilises a TCT circular saw blade for cutting, whilst the larger models use hydraulic chainsaw motors with harvester grade chains and  saw bars. All models have hydraulic in-feed belts, log clamping, saw speed control,  Auto2speed log splitting rams, with adjustable heights, and log  discharge elevators.

Rabaud Xylog 410 processor
Rabaud 410 firewood processor
Xylog 410 firewood processor
  • maximum wood diameter 410mm
  • quick and easy adjustment of the cutting length; 20, 33, 40 or 50cm
  • cutting through circular saw with carbide teeth: Ø 1000 mm
  • hydraulic adjustment of the splitting wedge 2/6
  • automatic adjustment of the splitting power upto 16 tonnes
  • hydraulic clamp to hold the wood during the cutting process
  • the splitting device is side shifted for a better positioning of the log in the splitting canal
  • 4 m or 4.50 m long discharge conveyor on TH version, fitted with metal
    bars, made up of several strips for an easy and cost-saving maintenance.
    Strips are 350 mm wide on TM version and 500 mm wide on TH version.
  • Foldable conveyor for transportation and adjustable in height: manual with a winch on TM version, hydraulic for the TH version.
  • Options;
  • hydraulic unit flow 60l/min
  • intake conveyors with chains, 3 or 5 m long

The xylog 420 firewood processor is a high out machine, designed for the professional user, firewood companies and estates. The Xylog Firewood processor is simple to operate and highly adjustable. All controls are easy to use, with the operator in mind.

Rabaud xylog 420 firewood processor, firewood processor, woodfuel, RHI, biomass, home foresry firewwod processor
Xylog 420 firewood processor
  • Cutting diameter up to 420mm.

  • Quick and easy adjustment of the cutting length from 150mm up to 500mm.

  • Adaptable onto Tractor 3-point linkage or Three-phased electric engine.

  • Automatic adjustment of the splitting power according to the strain:

  • 18 tonnes on low speed / 12 tonnes on fast speed.

  • Splitting wedge 0/2/4/6 or 0/2/4/8 or 0/2/4/12 splits hydraulic adjustment -Exclusivity RABAUD.

  • Unloading conveyor swivels on +/- 20°, hydraulic lifting of the conveyor.

  • Conveyor made up of metal bars and of several stripes so that the maintenance is easy and cost effective - Exclusivity RABAUD.

  • Automated wood scaling system XYLOMETER®: allowing to measure the exact volume of wood produced - Exclusivity RABAUD.

  • Side-shifted splitter with the V-shaped canal for a better wood alignment.

  • Manual or automatic positioning of the splitting cycle.

  • Wood loading equipment: loading platform 2.00m, 5.00m or 10.00m / Notched log transport roller / Lifting loading roller.

  • Safety devices: sensors, protective grille, safety helmet, glasses, emergency stop button...


Rabaud xylog 420 firewood processor
rabaud firewood processor 420

Rabaud Xylog 520

Rabaud Xylog 520 firewood processor
Rabaud xylog 520

  • Cutting diameter up to 520 mm.

  • Quick and easy adjustment of the cutting length from 200 mm up to 500 mm.

  • Wood sawing through carbid circular blade: Ø 1300 mm max.

  • Adujstable log section splitting from 30 to 250 mm with 2 "V" shaped blades (22 T power).

  • Operator-friendly cab (comfortable seat, sound proofing, air conditioning, heating or even radio).

  • Manual or automatic sawing.

  • Output conveyor hydraulically orientable (40°).

  • Screening system with hedgehog rollers.

  • Easy maintenance:- remote draining

  • - easy access to the hydraulic and electric chambers

  • Machine connected via Wifi allowing a fast and efficient distance technical support.

Rabaud xylog 600 firewood processor, rabaud firewood processor, large firewood
Xylog 600 firewood processor


  • Maximum cutting diameter 600mm.

  • Adjustable cutting length from 0.25m up to 0.50m.

  • 35T powered cylinder with automatic speed with continuing variation ISO POWER.

  • Hydraulic adjustment of the splitting cross: in 2, 4, 8 or 16 splits with automatic positioning of the splitting cross in accordance with the wood diameter. (serial XYLOMETER® with this option).

  • Very good gripping ability during the cutting process: thanks to the double hydraulic grip holding the wood.

  • Processor saws and splits in the same time: the cutting area is separated from the splitting area.

  • Wood is cut from the bottom to the top: time saving for small diameter woods.

  • Possibility to unload the woods that do not need to be split without passing through the splitting cross.

  • Possibility to cut an armful of logs, up to 3 or 4 logs depending on the diameter.

  • Available in mobile version (through PTO 540 rpm) or in still position (electric or heat engine drive).

  • Loading by chain platform: 2.00m for mobile machine

  • From 5.00m on the still position machine.

  • Discharge conveyor 4.00m long  with metal bars, hydraulic folding and height adjustment for the mobile machine.

  • Or 8.00m and swiveling on the still position machine. 

  • XYLOMETER® : automated wood scaling system (in option).

  • Design to measure for static position machine.

Rabaud Xylog 600  firewood processor, firewood processor, biomass, woodfuel, firewood
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