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Rabaud Xylotrail forwarding trailers

forwarder trailer, Rabaud Xylotrail forwarder, forestry trailer, timber trailer

Rabaud Xylotrail 11 tonne

Rabaud Xylotrail 11 forwarding trailer, forwarde, timber trailer, tractor forwarder, agricultural forwarder,

Road approval chassis 25 Km/h with overall weight of 11 ton.

Walking beam axle, bolted and adjustable for better load distribution.

Hydraulic brakes on all wheels.

Wiring harness and parking brake are inside the main beam for better protection and difficult access area.

8 mobile bolsters, better life expectancy.

Wide-size protection grid helps placing properly logs in the trailer safely.

No operation needed for built-in lighting signs.

Raised footbridge for crane operator  : better visibility of the load and safety.

Steering Articulated drawbar +/- 32° with 2  hydraulic cylinders.
Bolted ring or ball hitch.

Forest crane 6,75 or 8 m in option. With "flap down" type support legs and XYZ mechanical 2 lever hydraulic controls.

Rabaud Xylotrail 15 tonne 

Rabaud Xylotrail 15 forwarding trailer
Rabaud drive trailer, Forwarder, timber trailer, Rabad Xylotrail 15 forwarder, forest trailer

15 tonne heavy duty timber  trailer with brakes to all axles approved for road work upto 25 km/h

5 bunks with 10 movable bolsters.

Steering drawbar.

Forest crane 6,75 or 8 m in option. With "flap down" type support legs and XYZ mechanical 2 lever hydraulic controls.

LED rear road lights

Hand Brake


Available with optional hydraulic cage drive to the wheels

Contact Us for special price offers on the Xylotrail 15

Rabaud drive trailer, forestry forwarder, timber trailer Xylotrail 15 drive trailer
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