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Rabaud Log Splitters

Rabaud have been producing log splitters for over 30 years and produce a wide range, from the small domestic electric models through  to the newly released  F80 model. Below are a list of our best selling ranges.  All are exceptionally strong and functional.

Rabaudlog splitter, log splitter, firewood machinery, Xylofarmer, logs
Xylofarmer Log splitter

Meeting requirements of new European standard EN-609-1 effective on 1st July 2018.
Splitting power: from 17 to 30 T and up to 1.15 m clearance.

Foldable cylinder, ideal for storage (only 2.00 m height when the cylinder is retracted).

Wedge made of heavy-duty steel.

2 automatic speeds for lowering the cylinder (AUTO2SPEED)

Option: sturdiness: hydraulic winch with 15 m chain & ring bolts.

rabaud xylofamer log splitter, firewood, log splitter, proffessional log splitter

Rabaud Poly compact adjustable horizontal splitter

Rabaud horizontal log splitter, log splitter, cleaving splitter, cleft stakes, cleft fencing
Rabaud poly compact horizontal log splitter, Log splitter, firewood splitter, Rabad log splitter, Cleft fencing, cleaving splitter

Produce your own cleft stakes and posts up to 2.25m in length or use it as a horizonatal log splitter

Post splitting clearance up to 2.25m long. Splitting power 15 tons (18t in option with pump and tank kit).
Hydraulic adjustment of the frame in accordance with the post length (4 positions: 1.15m / 1.50m / 1.85m and 2.25m).
A unique design: very compact splitter with telescopic frame easy to store (compact size: 2.37m folded) and unnecessary to add transport axle.
Frame laying on the ground for putting up the post more easily.
Ideal working height for the user.
4 support arms for a better comfort using it.
Mechanically-welded frame.

Powered by tractor hydraulics or PTO with pump & tank kit


Rabaud post cleaving splitter

Rabaud Towed cleaving splitter

Hydraulic power 15 Ton
(18 Ton in option)
Splitting clearance From 0 up to 2600 mm

(up to 3200 mm in option)
Size (Ø piston / Ø rod)    
100 mm / 60 mm
Cylinder stroke 1500 mm
Storage dimensions (L x W x H)    
5360 x 1470 x 1140 mm
Wedge length 300 mm
Total weight 687 Kg
Drive Tractor pump with 2 couplers
or PTO 540 rpm, 50 L/min.
or three-phased electric 15 HP 
Coupling Draw-bar with hook Ø 50 mm
max tow speed Km/h

F31 Horizontal 

Horizontal Log Splitters
  • Horizontal splitting process.

  • Log lifting by hydraulic system effortless for the user (thanks to its independent hydraulic valve).

  • Large splitting table with strengthened frame.

  • Easier handling and wood picking thanks to the horizontal table. Exclusivity RABAUD

  • 4 splitting cross-wedge adjustable in height with hydraulic cylinder, floating wedge to follow the wood line.

  • Hydraulic winch with chain (in option): chain 15m long - Pulling power 800kg.

  • Double body PTO pump unit: flow 75L/min. for the splitter, flow 12L/min. for the lifting.

  • Maximum safety thanks to the bimanual control.


80 tons power with double automatic cylinder speed AUTO2SPEED
   - slow speed = full power
   - fast speed = more productivity

Quickly interchangeable splitting grid. Height is hydraulically adjustable with 2 cylinders

2 different grids : 16/28 logs (or on measurement upon request)

Max. length 1,35 m - max. diameter 80 cm,  loading by crane (option)

Manual hydraulic control or remote control (option)

Drive :
   - PTO 540 rpm with vane pump
   - PTO 1000 rpm with vane pump

Oil tank 150L, delivered with oil and shaft

Options : strenghtened loading table or discharge conveyor

                 Forest crane    




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