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Rabaud Xylor Forest Mulchers & heavy duty mowers

Rabaud Forestry mulcher
Rabaud Xylor 2200 250T tractor muclcher

 The Rabaud Xylor range of Forest PTO mulchers offer 4 fixed teeth Mulchers with a power requirement from 80-300hp with helical rotor design and changeable counter knives. 

Working widths range from 2.0 -2.2m.  


The Rabaud Xylor cutting capacity ranges from 200-400mm diameter material depending on the model.  Hydraulic folding rear door and anti-wear adjustable height skids, Front and rear chain protection.  There is the option of a Hydraulic clutches to offer protection to the two larger models and hydraulic branch pusher with or without rake teeth.  







Rabaud Xylor 2200/ 250 mulcher on fendt 828.jpg
Rabaud Heavy duty forest mowers

There are also 3 heavy duty mowers requiring 80-125 hp. A helical rotor with swinging teeth, deigned to mulch material up to 150mm, they come with 1 set of counter teeth as standard with an option for an additional set. Working widths range from 1.8 -2.2m,  front and rear chain protection are standard with a fixed scrub pusher frame is an optional extra.

Rabaud Forest mower
Forest mower mulcher

The range is completed with excavator mounted mulching heads designed for excavators from 8-15 and 14-21 tonne. Both have the helical rotors with fixed teeth. The mulcher heads have a capacity of 14cm on the smaller unit to 25cm on the larger head. Working width of the head is 140cm.

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