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Rabaud Saw benches


Rabaud, produce a wide range of saw benches know as the xyloscie range. Below is a list of our best sellers.

Rabaud table saw bench, saw bench, tractor saw bench, firewood
Xyloscie Table 600T
  • Adaptable on tractors from 10 to 50 HP. Drive through 2 trapezoidal belts.

  • Saw blade made of carbide steel Ø 600 mm with alternate serration for a direct cut needing less power

  • Sliding table, with safety clamp, to hold log before table slides

  • Possibility to swing the table for a quick access to the blade

  • Table with 2 different levels for an easier cut

  • Control rod to adjust the cutting length and user friendly clamp

  • Plastic protections around the blade

  • Reinforced frame

  • Shaft with safety bolt delivered with the machine

  • Complies with european norm : NF EN 1870-6+A1.

rabaud pto saw bench, saw bench, firewood, logging bench
Xyloscie 600T & 700T
  • 3 models adaptable on tractor for cutting diameter of 230mm (on XYLOSCIE 600T) or  280mm (on XYLOSCIE 700T).

  • Blade in carbide steel with alternate positioned teeth denture and with rigth/left angling of the teeth so that few power is needed and the cut is clean: 

  •    - Ø blade 600mm on XYLOSCIE 600,

  •    - Ø blade 700mm on XYLOSCIE 700.

  • Safe and ergonomic stand sawhorse with holding clamp and handle.

  • Blade is fully covered by a casing with a mobile cover on the cutting area thanks to the rocking stand.

  • Controlled cutting length by a sliding rod (on XYLOSCIE 600T and 700T SR) or by adjustable dead stop (on XYLOSCIE 700T PRO).

  • Machine stability with a centre of gravity lowered to the maximum and a strengthened machine-welded steel frame on XYLOSCIE 700.

  • Discharge conveyor 4 or 5m (in option on XYLOSCIE 700T PRO) with metal bars.

  • Delivered with transmission shaft fitted with a security bolt.

  • Circular saws complying with safety norm: NF EN 1870-6+A1.



Rabaud xyloscie 700 Pro saw bench, logging bench, firewood, log splitter
Xyloscie 700 T pro + conveyor

The Rabaud 700 T pro is based on the well proven 700 series, but withe the addition of a hydraulic conveyor 4 or 5 metre.

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