Alstor Product Range

The Alstor mini forwarder, is an eight wheel drive machine, designed and built in Sweden to reach difficult & sensitive areas of forestry. There are many load concepts, making the Alstor a very versatile machine for many applications. The constant 8 wheel drive makes the Alstor excellent in challenging and steep terrain and with a low ground pressure and tracks available, it is very well suited to wet sites. Transportation is easy as it can be towed on a trailer behind a suitable 4x4.

Home Forestry llp was the first company in the UK to buy an Alstor 8x8 miniforwarder back in 1998. We carried out the Forestry commission TDB trials and many open workshops. In 1999 we were given the UK and Ireland dealership for Alstor and ever since that time we have worked closely with Alstor to help develop and promote the design and options available. We actively contract and use the Alstor and have a wide knowledge of the design and operational use. We beleive strongly in the Alstor and its concept and the manufacturers In Sweden. The capabilities, outputs and low impact make these small machines perfect for the UK forest. From light thinnings to clear-fell.


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Alstor 833 in really wet ground amazing !! plus the Alstor 300 bed processor

Alstor 833 with Terrain tracks in the snow

Alstor 821 unloading firewood

Alstor 840 Pro

A hydrostatic combo machine.

With the Alstor 840 Pro, we launch a new machine type based on the same
proven principles as our other machines. With its hydrostatic transmission, the 840 Pro extends the Alstor range including the 821 and 833 models with unrivalled efficiency in the forest.

Just like our other models, the machine is made from

Swedish High-s trength Steel and assembled with modern technologies.

The variable hydrostatic transmission ensures efficient and safe operation in all situations. With its differential locks applied, the machine can climb logs, boulders and other obstacles where others give up. With differential unlocked you will leave the ground untouched. The Alstor 840 Pro is a true combo machine where its bunk and head gate can be completely removed. Using a crane mounted harvester head, thinning and clearing productivity improves significantly. It is a highly flexible load carrier with numerous possibilities for customised adaptation and new challenges.

Technical Spec

Maximum load: 3,000 kg
Length: Standard 5.37 m/Long 5.77 m
Width: 1.57 m
Curb weight: 2,300 kg
Engine: 3-cylinder diesel, 25 hp
Electrical system: 12 V, 60 A generator
Transmission: Hydrostatic transmission with lockable differential
Front and rear, full-time 8-wheel drive. Variable high and low gears.
Brakes: Transmission service brake, mechanical disc brake for parking.

Steering: Orbitrol power steering, tilting steering column, Reverse drive and steering as standard.

Tyres: 25×12.5-10 8-ply
Travel speed: 0–18 km/h
Crane options: Std. Extension crane, 4.98 m reach/300 kg lifting capacity optional 5.4m crane

Various crane controls including Parker flow- sharing mini-levers

Alstor 821

A brand new Alstor -Completely redesigned for those who demand the best!

  • Increased traction

  • Heavy-duty bogie boxes in high quality steel

  • New design of trailer with improved ground clearance

  • Redesigned articulated centre with centre and protected drive shaft.

  • Improved operator environment

  • Increased maximum load 

Efforts to develop Alstor without sacrificing its strength: simplicity, flexibility and accessibility have now been realized.   
We proudly present a brand new machine with the same superior traction and rugged and cost-effective design for the most discriminating users. With a modern production technology, we have created an Alstor for the future


alstor 821, mimiforwarder, mini-forwarder, low impact forestry, SSSI forestry, responsible forestry, timber extraction, low ground pressure forwarder
Alstor 821 mini forwarder, mini-forwarder, low ground pressure forwarder, low impact forestry, SSSI forestry machinery,
Technical specification

Engine: 3 cyl diesel 20.5HP/ 2 cyl petrol  18HP

Maximum load: 2500 kg 

Total length: Short 4.97 m Standard 5.37 m long , 5.77 m 
Width: 1.55 m 
Kerb Weight: 1690 kg 

Driveline: Variator drive, 3 forward gears + reverse. Constant 8- wheel drive, rugged design of bogie boxes in high-tensile steel and oil bath submerged chains 
Brakes: Hydraulic 8-wheel braking and mechanical parking brake 
Steering: Power steering Orbitol. Tilting steering wheel. Reverse drive and steering (optional) 
Tires: 25x12,5 -10. 8 -ply 
Speed: 0-25 km / h 
Crane: 3.5 m range. 350 kg lifting power at 3.5 m.

Optionional 3,8 m crane or 4.2m extension crane.

Optional  controls  and new slew base upgrade available


Alstor 833

This model features a new cab design. The cab is specially designed to provide plenty of legroom and excellent visibility. The cab meets ROPS, FOPS and OPS standard and is suspended on hydraulic dampers, with reduced noise and vibration. Large windows allow excellent visabilty with powerful work lights for the forest.

Alstor 833 mini forwarder, mini-forwarder, low impact forestry, SSSI forestry, wildlife forestry, responsible forestry, sensitive forestry machinery, low impact
Technical specifications
Engine: 3 cyl diesel 20.5HP
Maximum load: 2500 kg 
Total length: Short 4.97 m Standard 5.37 m long , 5.77 m 
width: 1.55 m 
Kerb Weight: 2100 kg 
Drivetrain: Variator drive, 3 forward gears + reverse. Constant 8-wheel drive, rugged design of bogie boxes in high-tensile steel and oil bath submerged chains. 
Brakes: Hydraulic brakes on all eight wheels and mechanical handbrake 
Steering: Power steering Orbitrol. Tilting steering wheel and optional reverse drive and steering. 
Tires: 25x12 ,5 -10. 8 -ply 
Speed: 0-25 km / h 
Crane: 3.5 m reach. 350 kg lifting power at 3.5 m.

Optionional 3,8 m crane or 4.2m extension crane.

Optional  controls  and new slew base upgrade available


New suspension Cabin with great vision and operator comfort
Alstor 8x8, Alstor 833, Alstor 840 Pro, mini forwarder, mini-forwarder, sensitive site, timber extraction, low impact forestry, low impact timber extration
Alstor 840 pro, mini-forwarder, mini forwarder, timber extraction, low impact timber extration, low ground pressure forestry machine
Optional extras

There are many optional extras available for the Alstor, to customise your own machine for specifica tasks. These include

  • Steel forest tracks

  • terrain bands

  • hydraulic tipping trailer

  • movabale & telescopic bunks

  • radio remote control hydraulic winch

  • wheel chains

  • crane & crane base upgrades

  • crane control options

  • transport trailers

  • chainsaw & combi can holders

  • clam bunk

  • felling heads

  • extra led work lights 

  • Braked swing link


       contact us for more details and prices and demonstrations

Alstor hydraulic winch
Alstor tipping body, mini forwarde tipping trailer, low ground pressure dumper, self loading dumper
Alstor extra moveable bunk
Alstor miniforwarder low ground pressure band tracks, mini forwarder, Alstor 8x8, Alstor 840 pro, Alstor 833, Alstor 821
Alstor rear telescopic bunk
Alstor snow chains
Alstor band tracks

Service and spare parts

We keep a wide range of spare and service parts in stock, for the Alstor range.

Non-stock items can be delivered in from the Factory in Sweden quickly to the customer. We also keep New tires, belts and filter kits ready for dispatch. Grabs and rotators etc.

Need a service ?, call to arrange at your site or at our workshop.

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