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farma forwarding trailer
farma crane and trailer

FORS MW are the largest producer of  Forest Cranes & trailers in Europe. The range is branded as Farma, and has been in production since 1992. The company is Swedish owned and run, but the manufacturing takes place near Talin in Estoinia.

The Farma range is very broad and offers machinery for the occasional firewood producer through to professional timber  harvesting companies and operators.

As one of the main agents for Farma in the UK, Home Forestry llp, supply the full range of cranes, trailers & accessories to new and existing customers. 

Trailers range in size from 6 tonne to 17 tonne gross capacity, with optional 4WD and bunk configurations

Cranes range from 3.8m to 8.5m double extension, with a wide range of controls to meet your requirements and budget.

6 6.8 farma.jpg

6 tonne gross capacity trailer with fixed draw bar and headboard. fitted with 3.8 or 4.2m cranes. An entry level trailer with light foot print. suitable for small tractors.

6.3, 9 farma.jpg

9 tonne gross capacity generation 1 trailer with 6,3m G2 extension crane.

This is Farma's best selling crane and trailer combination and is adaptable for contractors and land owners alike. The pole chassis allows the trailer to be set up for various bunk lengths to meet the needs of the operator.

A few videos of Home Forestry operating a 14 tonne drive trailer with 8.5m crane
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