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Rabaud Chippers and stump grinders.

Rabaud has just realeades the new range of wood chippers and stump grindrs for the 2016 season. The chippers range from tracked self propelled, wheeled  and tractor PTO. Stump grinders are either mini-excavator or pto powered.


Xylochip 100C

  • Track mounted chipper with directional controls.

  • 2 speed tracking with down hill decent

  • capacity 212mm x 100mm

  • compact machine 80 cm wide with removable hood for transport

  • 180 degree rotating table with 360 degree discharge chute

  • Rabaud 5-in-1 roptator with knifes and hammers

  • adjustable in feed roller speed

  • optional extra  no-stress, coupling ball,  foot plate

  • Weight 725 KG 

  • 18hp petrol engine


Xylochip 100DA

Thermal wood chipper with self propelled moving : XYLOCHIP 100 DA. Maximum wood diameter 100 mm. 

Rotor «5 in 1» :
   - 3 standards modes : 2 knives or 2 rows of hammers or knives + hammers.
   - 2 optional modes : 1 knife or 4 rows hammers

Compact machine: only 83 cm width - Removable hopper for transport.

Blower with 360° rotation with adjustable cap.

Very wide feeding roller (40 cm) to centre the branches and ease the cut of forked woods. Feeding capacity of the machine is improved.

Adjustment of the roller speed.

Safety thanks to the bar fitted with 2 STOP positions.

Self propelled moving thanks to 2 hydraulically controlled wheels

NOSTRESS device in option.

Rabaud wood chipper xylochip 200

Tractor powered chippers

4 models: XYLOCHIP 100T (max. wood diameter 100mm), XYLOCHIP 125T (max. wood diameter 125mm), XYLOCHIP 175T (max. wood diameter 175mm) and XYLOCHIP 200T (max. wood diameter 200mm).

Adaptation on tractor 3-point linkage from 15hp up to 95hp (according to the models).
Rotor «5 in 1» :
   - 3 standards modes : 2 knives or 2 rows of hammers or knives + hammers.
   - 2 optional modes : 1 knife or 4 rows hammers.
NOSTRESS regulation (optional on XYLOCHIP 100)  with 3 positions: ECO / MEDIUM / MAX.
Hopper can be folded easily thanks to the mechanical winch, for a compact machine for transportation.
Swiveling blower on 360° (except XYLOCHIP 100) with adjustable cap (by chain).
Adjustable speed of the feeding rollers for increasing or reducing the size of shavings.
Extra-wide feeding hopper (XL) with safety bar fitted on top for avoiding the inopportune processing release caused by the wood.
Angle transmission housing, no maintenance needed.


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Rabaud Stump grinders

Rabaud XylocroK 25PE

Adaptable on excavators from 2,5 to 4,5 tons with or without quick fit coupling

Disc with 20 mm thickness, Ø 343mm for more inertia

Teeth Greenteeth LOPRO 5”, 7" or 9" with carbide. They can be repositioned 3 times for a longer lifetime

Hydraulic motor without drainage. No supplementary costs for a third hydraulic line

Angle transmission directly mounted on the disc for more power

Bolted and manually orientable hitch to work in the center or on the side

Protection guard

Hoses with shaft for a better protection

optional Support stand for storage

Rabaud Xylocrok 40 Tracked stump grinder

rabaud tracked stump grinder
Rabaud tracked stump grinder

Compact machine - width 80 cm - Allows access in very narrow space, small gates... Frame mounted on track is specialy designed for extreme uneven grounds. 
Disc thickness : 20 mm, tungsten carbite teeth 9’’.
Carbide teeth can be re-adjusted 3 times before worn-out.
Driven by direct agle transmission housing on the disch for a better power restitution.
Electromagnetic clutch.
Stump grinder is mounted on a 60° rotated frame to ensure +/-30° left/right movements.
Height is aslo adjustable thanks to an hydraulic cylinder.
Control panel on a foldable and oriented arm enables better comfort and security for operator.
Lifting and hydraulic offset with independant and centralized control on foldable arm.
Hydraulic functions speed can be adjusted to ease work.
Protection guard.
Hydraulic blade (mini-excavator type) allows stabilization while grinding. Blade can also be used for embankment.

Rabaud xylocrok 55T

Adaptable on tractors from 45 up to 90 hp.

Disc 20 mm thick, Ø 450 mm for a better inertia.
Carbide teeth of size 9 inch, 3 times repositionable for lasting 3 times more.

Angular gearbox directly fitted onto the disc for a better power restitution.

Operating panel fitted on the foldable arm for more safety for the user.

Telescope, hydraulic lifting and angling with independent control and centralized on the foldable arm.

Possibility to adjust the speed of the hydraulic features for more working ergonomics.

Flap guard made of armoured mash + chains.

Deck is adjustable in height so to upgrade the stump grinder milling capacity.


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