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  • A complete range of 4 models driven by excavators from 2 to 10 tons.

  • Cone screw with interchangeable extremity made in high resistance steel.

  • No drainage =quick and less expansive mounting.

  • Cylinder capacity adapted to the excavator's power= better productivity.

  • In option, RABAUD offers the possibility to fit a timber grab on the splitting cone(without any other extra external hydraulic line).

  • Adaptation on your quick hitch coupling according to your carrier.

Rabaud cone splitters

Rabaud has just realeades the new range of hydraulic cone splitters for 2016. Powered by mini-midi excavators, the cone splitter is a great way to break down large timber into more manageable sizes.


models /hydraulic flow requirements

FRH 304 2-4T FRH 304 recommended flow 45 litre/ min

FRH 406 2-6T FRH 406 recommended flow 60 litre/ min

FRH 508 2-8T FRH 508 recommended flow 80 litre/ min

FRH 810 4-10T FRH 810 recommended flow 120 litre/ min


Flat mounting plate with 8 holes to make your own bracket 


Optional grapple 


For quick hitch bracket prices, please let us have the make of your hitch, pin diameter, spin spacing and pin width.

Rabaud cone splitter, cone splitter, excavtor log splitter
cone splitter, excavator log splitter, hydraulic cone splitter

Rabaud cone splitter pictured with quick hitch bracket and optional log grab

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