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Rabaud Grader Blades

Rabaud produce a range of 4 grader blades suitable for tractors from  50-150HP, and also telescopic handlers, with widths from 1.5m to 2.5m with optional extensions. Light, Standard and Heavy and for telescopic handlers Bull. The blades can be mounted front or rear on tractors and feature manual or optional hydraulic adjustments. Extemely strong manufacturing, idea for grading-off forest tracks after harvesting operations, forest road maintenance, levelling ground and can be fitted with a rubber edge for snow ploughing in the winter.

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forest track grader blade
Rabaud grader blade with sides, grader blade, track maintenance,

General characteristics
Wide range of 10 models for getting a machine suiting your needs
More versatility thanks to various attachments
Interchangeable wearing blade in special steel
More movements : inclination, rotation and offset (no offset and inclination on LIGHT model  with simple adjusments (no tools needed)
More sturdiness during intensive works : strong frame, very thick
Use your blade all along the year for various works:
 • LEVELLING tracks and country roads
 • CLEANING yards, animal housings, roads
 • BANKING UP ditches, drainage trenches
 • SNOW REMOVAL thanks to the option snow blade
 • MAKING drainage channels and DREDGING ditches
 • DIVIDING and LEVELLING sand, gravels, ground, embankment

Rabaud blade with snow plough rubber
Rabaud blade ditching
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